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Visual Design

Just as we are unaware of an eye that sees clearly, but acutely conscious of the one with even a speck, so good visual design must appear… by disappearing. A well-designed website or document will look good, be easy to read and be easy to navigate. However, very few will notice those features, because they are focused on the content – the text, audio and video – rather than the form. Good visual design helps the viewer absorb information with minimal effort. It attracts and delights, and it acts as a platform upon which your marketing message can take center stage.

For example, documents should always provide basic information, to inform those unacquainted with the company or brand. Very often, information makes no sense unless it is placed in context. Avoid jargon and technical language. A marketing message that cannot be understood is like the proverbial seed sown on stony ground. Worst still, it may suggest that you are trying to obfuscate or don’t really have anything of consequence to say. Any actionable details should be easy to spot and present a very clear call to action. Whether it is signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product, the document should be designed so that each element flows and relates well to the others on the page.

When consumers click on websites and landing pages that do not follow basic visual design, they can get lost in the mix and not notice the message. The arrangement of colors, images and videos should appear consistent and logical and be presented aesthetically. You never want visitors to your website or landing page to go away feeling confused about your products, services or offerings. Most often, that’s a sure sign of poor web design. You want site visitors to return, but, if viewing your web pages gives them a headache, they won’t.

Successful visual design eliminates distractions and presents information in a clear and understandable format. Though it may be hard to articulate exactly why one site might be more fun to visit than another, the true answer always comes back to clean visual design.

At QualityStocks, we know the value of clean visual design and strive to produce consistency throughout every project. The result is visually stunning content that is attractive and easy to comprehend – whether it’s for a webpage, brochure, corporate presentation or press release, we apply the principles of clean visual design in order to allow the consumer to absorb the information they need with the least amount of effort. Contact us to learn more about how our visual design team can work for your brand.

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