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Fact Sheets

Fact sheets convey important company data, product information and biographies of company management in a condensed, easy-to-read format. They provide investors, members of the media and the general public with bite-sized information that is quick and easy to digest.

Fact sheets are often distributed to accompany a press release or media kit, providing critical information that a potential investor may require, including:

A few basic tips for creating a stellar fact sheet:

  • Company overview
  • Executive and senior management
  • Key products and services
  • Major market segments
  • Market differentiators
  • Company background
  • Funding and financial results

A fact sheet must be written in the correct format and contain all of the information that enables an investor to make an informed and confident investment decision. All of your corporate communications and materials should be written professionally, and a fact sheet is no exception. Every piece of content that is published in the public domain needs to portray your company values and the quality of your products and services.

Some pointers for creating an effective and professional fact sheet:

  • Outline your company’s vision and mission statement
  • Describe the skills and qualifications of your management team
  • Include the unique value propositions that give you the edge over your competitors
  • Highlight the positive aspects of your financial position
  • Include a list of company awards and accolades

Today’s highly competitive marketplace means that many companies are competing for the attention of the same audience. To achieve the desired result, a fact sheet must attract the attention of stakeholders, media and potential investors by delivering a strong message. This should include evidence of industry excellence and innovation that sets you apart from your competition.

QualityStocks has a professional writing team to compile fact sheets, press releases and an entire array of public relations materials to increase the reputation of your brand. Our fact sheets, and other PR materials and services, have helped over 300 companies in diverse industry sectors to develop brand awareness and increase investment. We would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

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