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Messaging is one of the critical areas of public relations that you cannot afford to get wrong. In today’s highly competitive business world, it is absolutely essential that you create and convey the right message about your brand.

Messaging has had a direct effect on the rise and fall of major organizations. The public’s perception of a company can change in an instant if its message is misdirected. It is vital that close attention is paid to creating a consistent thread through all messaging initiatives that aligns with the company’s image and brand.

In creating a strong corporate message, ask yourself these questions:

  • What should the public know about my products and services?
  • What is it that makes my brand recognizable?
  • What kind of reputation do I want to develop?
  • Do I need to overcome any negative impression about my company or brand?

Large corporations and big-name brands are in the position to spend a lot of money on corporate messaging and often retain the services of professional public relations agencies for this purpose. At QualityStocks, we are aware that the vast majority of companies don’t have that sort of money to spend. The good news is that we can use our experience and knowledge to offer quality messaging services at affordable prices.

Brands become memorable when they evoke a strong emotion or trigger mental recognition. People develop a mental association with a brand and immediately recall it when confronted with a picture of a similar product or type of service. This is the type of mental association that you should strive to develop for your brand.

Really successful brands have an innate sense of who they are, what they stand for and the value of the products and services that they offer. This helps them to create perfect messages that encapsulate everything about their brands. Some of these are short, yet memorable and extremely powerful:

L’Oreal: “Because you’re worth it”

This taps into a woman’s desire to look beautiful. It reminds them that they should take the time to make themselves feel more desirable, wanted and worth it.

MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard”

This award-winning slogan was part of an advertising campaign in 46 languages that reached communities in 98 countries.

This is the kind of messaging that produces immeasurable brand publicity and generates ongoing revenue. QualityStocks can help your company create a powerful message that develops a strong brand association.

We work to get a clear picture of your corporate identity, as well as the emotions that your brand should ideally evoke in your consumers. Our team of marketing professionals has the talent and resources to create a memorable, thought-provoking message for your enterprise and ensure that it stays in the minds of your target market.

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