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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 4:05 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Ideanomics Inc. (NASDAQ: IDEX) Featured in Article as Deserving of Investor Attention

Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX), a company driving the sustainability transformation with solutions that shape the future of e-mobility and fintech, was highlighted in a Motley Fool article titled, “These 2 Unknown Nasdaq Stocks Are Making Shareholders Richer Today.” The piece covers today’s rise of the Nasdaq Composite Index up another quarter percent, and why IDEX and Loop Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: LOOP) deserve attention from investors. “Meanwhile, shares of Ideanomics were up more than 12% Wednesday afternoon. The electric vehicle mobility and fintech company has largely flown under investors' radars, but today's move reflects greater interest in the industry generally and in…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 3:22 pm

Microdose Psychedelic Capital: June 2021 Showcases Networking Avenues for Professionals and Businesses Of The Psychedelic Arena

Virtual EventDate: June 30, 20211:30pm EDT Scientists, medical researchers, marketers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, thinkers, and developers of psychedelic products are invited to attend the Microdose Psychedelic Capital: June 2021, a virtual investment conference live streaming on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.  This virtual platform showcases a wonderful opportunity for companies, businesses, and heads of commercial as well as non-profit initiatives to meet and reach out to the length and breadth of industry leaders of the psychedelic medicine arena. Eminent leaders and passionate environmentalists are invited as speakers and share their insights, keynotes and ideas on the present status, growth and development of…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 3:15 pm

Knightscope, Inc. Security Operations Center Part of Trend Toward AI-enhanced Monitoring, Analytical Solutions

Knightscope designs and develops autonomous security robots (“ASRs”) that use the latest in technological advances to provide clients with a sense of security The company’s ASR robots’ have a wide range of capabilities that depend on analysis of video, audio, thermal and digital data cues, integrated through the remote access Knightscope Security Operations Center (“KSOC”) The KSOC’s functionality serves client security needs, but in an evolving budgetary landscape could find uses in monitoring and managing business intelligence, policy compliance and liability reduction efforts as well AI-driven analytics are expected to be a standard element in more than half of new…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 3:10 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Friendable Inc. (FDBL) Finding New Ways to Reward and Incentivize Artists

Friendable (OTC: FDBL), a mobile technology and marketing company, recently entered an agreement with Santo Blockchain Labs and Santo Mining Corp for the development of global entertainment and musical artist-driven NFTs and the “Fanpasscrypto” marketplace. Each created NFT is a unique opportunity for a new revenue stream for artists and the two companies. A recent article reads: “Even with the upcoming NFT offering, Fan Pass is still finding ways to reward and incentivize artists, while other streaming companies are facing complaints over their revenue structures. Platforms like Apple and Spotify are taking heat because of how artist royalty distribution is…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 2:57 pm

FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR) In a Position to Capitalize on the Emerging Big Data Opportunities in China

With the launch of its Big Data Insights Division (Sapientus), FingerMotion is now capable of using its access to real users’ data to create behavioral analytics and data insights that ensure it can capitalize on the emerging big data opportunities A recent report notes that consumer analytics is proving vital in customer-facing industries such as banking, financial services, insurance, automotive, and healthcare FingerMotion, which announced an agreement with Pacific Life Re-Insurance early this year, appears to be leveraging the appeal for big data insights in the insuratech business  The company expects multiple contracts relating to its insuratech products before the…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 2:55 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Healthy Extracts Inc. (HYEX) Focused on Greater Supplement Effectiveness

Healthy Extracts (OTCQB: HYEX) develops, sells and distributes proprietary products with proven health benefits through its portfolio of wholly owned subsidiaries that currently comprises Ultimate Brain Nutrients(TM) (“UBN”) and BergametNA(TM). UBN creates formulations that improve brain health while BergametNA develops powerfully proven supplements sourced from the Citrus Bergamot Superfruit(TM) (“bergamot”) and which target cardiovascular and immune health. “Bergamot has a host of health benefits as it is a source of high concentrations of polyphenolic flavanones, measured in terms of the bergamot polyphenolic fraction (‘BPF’),” reads a recent article. Dr. Gerald Haase, MD, a clinical professor of surgery at the University…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 2:48 pm

Brain Scientific Inc. (BRSF) to Remain at the Forefront of Innovative Brain Diagnostics as the Sector Grows Across New Applications

As a leading innovator in brain diagnostics technology, BRSF appears well placed to spot and predict driving forces behind the industry's expected rapid growth  BRSF's Marketing Director was featured in an article giving prediction about key trends driving brain monitoring space in 2021 BRSF poised to remain at EEG forefront as exciting new opportunities lay ahead for this growing sector Recognized as a leading innovative player in the brain monitoring space, Brain Scientific (OTCQB: BRSF) continues to be at the forefront of what is next in neurology technology. The Company's Marketing Director, Irina Nazarova, was featured in Tech Times, a…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 2:46 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – DSG Global Inc. (DSGT), Imperium Motor Corp. Announce Major Step in Continued Commitment to Transportation Electrification

DSG Global (OTCQB: DSGT), an emerging global technology company with an array of interconnecting businesses in some of the fastest growing market sectors, today announced that the Skywell 12 Meter Fully Electric City Bus and Terra Trucks have arrived in Port Hueneme, California. According to the update, the Skywell 12 Meter model is one of the highest-quality and most efficient fully electric buses in the industry. Skywell is a top global supplier of electric buses and is known for its great designs and durability. The highly anticipated Terra Trucks, both two- and four-wheel drive models, will be undergoing further development,…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 2:14 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Imagin Medical Inc. (CSE: IME) (OTCQB: IMEXF) Setting Stage for Strengthened Demand for Blue Light Cystoscopy

Imagin Medical (CSE: IME) (OTCQB: IMEXF) is working closely with manufacturing partner Lighthouse Imaging on its proprietary i/Blue Imaging System(TM) and is on target to conduct private demonstrations at the annual American Urology Association meeting set for early September. “The updated product design will incorporate changes intended to meet critical verification requirements established through benchmark testing of competitive systems and feedback from preliminary meetings with the FDA,” reads a recent article. “The additional testing and specification development focused on the contrast agent-induced fluorescence and the ability to replicate the clinical observations in bench-level settings. The sensitivity of the system can…

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WednesdayJun 23, 2021 1:47 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (GTVH) Issues Letter to Shareholders

Golden Triangle Ventures (OTC: GTVH) (“GTV”), a multifaceted consulting company pursuing ventures across health, entertainment and technology industries, today released a mid-year letter to shareholders that provides updates on current activities and outlines its corporate strategy. “Over the past six months, our company has acquired several very exciting businesses and projects that all synergistically work together in their own way. Due to the many things that have recently transpired, we all felt that it was important to provide a formal update on all the developments that have come to fruition within Golden Triangle Ventures. One year ago, we knew exactly…

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