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Social Media Solutions

The recent revelations surrounding Facebook and other social media platforms should remove any remaining doubt about the power of social media. The advent of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and similar sites has drastically altered the way we exchange private communications with each other. In pursuit of customers and clients, business has taken to social media, as well. However, an effective communications strategy involves much more than signing up for a social media account. To make social media marketing work, your brand needs the right combination of network and messaging. Not every company needs an Instagram account, and not every company will benefit from YouTube. However, to dismiss social media and say that you don’t need it at all is to miss a powerful opportunity to promote your business.

Using social media in the right way increases client engagement, which, in turn, fosters loyalty and brand awareness. Feedback on social media also increases knowledge of market segments and allows a brand to differentiate itself effectively, while increased knowledge of the brand’s clientele makes messaging more targeted. Used sensibly, the appropriate social media tools expand market penetration and share. We at QualityStocks have the expertise to help you determine what is going to increase your brand engagement… and what will not. Our strategies are centered on your brand, your people and your goals.

If you do not have a corporate social media account, our team of professionals will step in to create an informative, attractive profile that blends well with your existing marketing materials. Maintaining brand consistency is an important part of social media creation… one that is often overlooked. In addition to using your company’s logos, color scheme and overall theme, we make sure that the information provided matches your corporate voice. An effective social media account should seamlessly complement your website and other public materials.

If you’re not getting the number of followers or the quality of followers that you desire from your social media accounts, we can help. By conducting an audit from the “outside looking in,” QualityStocks’ social media specialists can find the weak spots in your campaign, those that could use a little bolstering. If it’s an image issue, QualityStocks has an outstanding team of graphic designers who are highly skilled at enhancing digital aesthetics. If your message is a bit off key, our writers can help by creating enticing copy that grabs attention. There’s no need to stick with a social media account that looks antisocial.

Perhaps you’re not sure what your posts should say. Here’s a small hint that may sound counter-intuitive: your social media posts shouldn’t always be about you! If you give your followers more than a flow of advertisements, you can bank on increased interaction. QualityStocks’ content team can take the lead in posting industry and corporate-relevant messages that resonate with your target audience. At QualityStocks, we produce true social media solutions that, like pictures, are worth a thousand words.

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