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Editorial Calendars

Social media is fast. In just a few hours, a tweet or video can go viral and be seen by millions. The news cycle is equally rapid, punctuated by changing headlines and “breaking news”. It’s hard to keep up, but some brands do, surfing the waves of news to “frothing” proportions. For example, during the unexpected 2013 Super Bowl blackout, Oreo fired off a tweet saying “Power Out? No Problem, You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.” The wisecrack quickly garnered 15,000 retweets and more than 20,000 Facebook likes. On Tumblr, the caption appeared, “Oreo won the Super Bowl blackout.” How’s that for engagement?

Effective social media strategy requires a high level of persistence and organization, as well as clear goals. It also requires being as fast on the draw as Nabisco, maker of Oreo cookies, during the Super Bowl blackout.

For the longer term, the goals you set will determine the type of content created and the frequency of posts. Have a question about how often you should post to each platform? How about whether you should post more on Facebook than on Twitter? What about Instagram and Google Plus? There are many questions, and the correct answers aren’t always easy to find.

Setting an editorial calendar is an effective way to manage the timing of your distribution and determine what to post where. While scheduled updates to each account are important, so is real-time interaction, as we’ve shown. It is also critical to be responsive to posters and have a process and team in place to respond to feedback. Negative comments can snowball into abusive diatribes very quickly. An effective response requires trained personnel with creative writing and editing skills. An amateur response may do more damage than good.

QualityStocks has worked with hundreds of well-known brands to create top-notch, compelling content delivered at the right intervals, and we can do it for yours. We believe that our services offer measurable value in terms of establishing your company in the marketplace and enhancing your brand recognition via social media and other strategies.

With QualityStocks handling your editorial calendar, you can rest assured that every important aspect of your social media campaign will be designed according to your specific company goals. We work alongside your people to learn about your brand and make it a priority to discover your organization’s objectives. With QualityStocks, your social media calendar and strategy will be in good hands.

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