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Messaging & Branding

Every so often we’re told that this or that went “viral’, a term applied to content on the internet that spreads widely and rapidly, like a virus. Those sensational instances may be likened to playing the lottery and hitting the jackpot, for they are few and far between. However, which is the better way to pursue financial independence, gambling or saving and investing? Fostering product success is rather similar to building a nest egg. You’re much more likely to build a following and make genuine connections with customers over time. After all, product reputation depends on trust, and trust only develops over time, with the proper messaging and branding.

With the right messaging and branding, you can position your organization to achieve long-term success. Every satisfied customer becomes an ambassador for your brand, spreading the gospel to friends, family and acquaintances. This is quality advertising for which you don’t need to pay. Why not develop a strategy to take advantage of it.

Social interaction online requires listening, empathy and patience. There is no magic formula for achieving harmonious human interaction. Yet, creating an eye-catching presence on social media sites and posting unique content on a regular basis is a good place to start. When users ask questions or make comments, acknowledge them with intelligent answers. Consumers will appreciate a receptive, honest interaction with the people behind their favorite brands. In the end, it’s the only way to build trust.

As the old French game “She loves me, she loves me not” reminds us, nothing is quite as despairing as mixed messaging. To be effective, brand messaging must be consistent across all channels. That means selecting a theme and sticking to it through constant reinforcement. The brand that tries to be everything to all people runs the risk of being labeled “snake oil”. A brand should also maintain constancy in its use of visual representations, using the same logos, banners and background colors. With consistency and repetition, these images become inextricably linked to the brand’s attributes. They then acquire the power to influence customer choices the way a Nike or Coca-Cola logo does.

Take time to write original, quality content for each channel. Try also to post a good mix of content. Put an interesting video on Facebook and relevant helpful tips on Google+. Remember that the more you put into brand messaging, the more you will get out of it.

If you have ideas to promote your brand but don’t have the time or expertise to implement them, QualityStocks is your solution. We can help you generate ideas, as well. Our social media strategists are a diverse group, ideal for bringing different perspectives to an issue. As always, experience matters, the QualityStocks team has worked with many of today’s leading brands. We create and manage effective social media accounts for a wide range of industries, which gives us unique insights and helps us place your campaign in context. Let the QualityStocks team put your message where it has the most impact.

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