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Social Media FAQs

Is social media relevant for my business?

Undoubtedly. There’s perhaps no better way to communicate with customers, employees, shareholders and journalists. Social media platforms not only offer public forums where many of your constituents congregate; these platforms also present very effective ways of connecting with them. With social media channels, you literally have the world at your fingertips. If Facebook were a country, it would be the largest in the world, with a population that exceeds two billion.

What do I say?

Just enough to get your message across. In some ways, communication is similar to music, which is made up as much of the spaces in between as the notes themselves. Saying just enough is as important as saying the “right” things. Despite the many advances in technology and techniques, the golden rules of marketing remain the same. First, introduce yourself so people know who you are. Second, put yourself in your customers’ shoes; talk about their concerns, not yours. Third, make your interaction a happy one. That will pay dividends later, if not sooner.

When do I use it?

All the time. Social media messaging should be directed along two major lines. The first is brand reinforcement; the second is “breaking news”. Both tactics are meant to increase engagement with your customer base (current and potential customers) and foster loyalty to your brand. Reinforcing your brand means timely reminders of its benefits, with stories and tips that illustrate its virtues. It also means avoiding repetitive and irritating “we are great” taglines. This tactic, employed over the long term, should be supplemented and revitalized by connecting and reporting on current and changing trends. Capitalizing on current events or “breaking news” is a great way to show how relevant your brand is.

Which platforms/networks do I need?

The right ones. The choice of media channel should be determined by the number of users to which your messages will be exposed, the makeup of those users and the type of content you want to disseminate. Naturally, size matters. Social media platforms with hundreds of millions of active accounts expand a brand’s reach in a way that traditional channels, like radio, print and TV, cannot, but the demographics matter, as well. Facebook is best for the very young, as Twitter is for the 25-35 set. For professional types in the 35-55 age bracket, you’d better try LinkedIn, while for those 55 years and older, the best online habitat is Google+, it seems.

Should social media replace other marketing campaigns?

No. Social media should complement existing marketing strategies. Traditional marketing such as email, direct mail, promotions and word-of-mouth still have a powerful place. By enhancing those efforts with social media, you have a comprehensive strategy.

I have more questions and need help. Where do I go from here?

You’re already there. Start with us! QualityStocks has a whole team of professionals dedicated to helping clients with their social media campaigns. If you need further guidance or help with the planning and execution of your strategy, contact us.

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