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Press Kits

A press kit is an indispensable marketing tool for any company, regardless of type or size. These kits are most often used by large companies as a quick-reference guide or marketing handout. However, because of the important role press kits play in gaining the attention of potential investors, they are extremely useful for any business at any stage of its development.

What is a Press Kit?

A press kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that impart pertinent information about a company. It should contain a range of information that paints a broad picture of your company, including:

  • Mission statement and company vision
  • Company background and history
  • Personal profiles of management
  • Product and services information
  • Growth prospects
  • Recent company news highlights
  • Significant awards

A press kit can also contain video, audio and photographic materials that support the presentation of information.

How is a Press Kit Created?

To be effective, a press kit needs to strike the right balance. It should contain enough information to generate the right kind of interest in your company and prompt further inquiry, but not too much so that people lose interest. Your content needs to be concise and powerful, and address potential questions and issues that may be raised by prospective investors, customers and the media.

A press kit should be headed by an executive summary that delivers a pitch to readers to create a positive first impression and entice them to read further. This should highlight things of note about the company to generate interest in the business. This introductory letter should include an invitation to contact the company with any inquiries.

Most companies understand the importance of having a press kit, but few are well prepared to have one at hand when the need arises. A professional press kit cannot be compiled overnight, and it is best to have an updated version available at all times.

The Importance of an Outside Perspective

A press kit can and should be a powerful tool to sell your company. To be effective it needs to be professionally written and compiled. Just as you would hire a professional to write your personal resume, you need to engage an expert to assemble your company’s press kit.

An outside expert will be able to gain an external, objective view of your organization to highlight all the best qualities of your business that will attract attention. A company insider may be prone to overlook important benefits or unique qualities that could have a significant influence on a reader.

Our team of professionals at QualityStocks is best placed to identify those benefits and qualities to incorporate in your press kit and put your company in the spotlight. Whether you are looking to compile a new press kit or update an existing one, we can help you create a professional product geared toward capturing the attention of your target audience, including investors, customers and the media. We have many years’ experience in creating high-quality press kits for companies that deliver results.

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