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Spokesperson Role

Most companies can do with the services of a professional spokesperson at some point in their journey to build their reputation and develop brand awareness. A brilliant spokesperson is able to put a face on an organization and engage personally with the company’s target audience to deliver a strong corporate message. Ideally, such a person should be well-spoken, an experienced communicator and have an intimate understanding of all aspects of your business.

Critical Communications

At various points in a company’s development, a need exists for a professional spokesperson to represent the organization in earnings calls, communicate with the media or speak at special events. This is most evident in times of crisis, when a company needs someone to calm the waters, limit any potential reputational damage and maintain investor and public trust.

It is important to appoint a spokesperson who reflects the image of your brand. As a company representative, the spokesperson should have the personality to deliver a professional message that consistently aligns with your corporate image. This should apply in good times or bad, whether you’re distributing news of a new product launch or delivering a press release following a negative event.

Essential Spokesperson Qualities

It is not enough to have a well-dressed spokesperson who projects a professional physical presence. An effective spokesperson is also able to engage strongly with an audience and deliver a message in a professional way. This is particularly critical in difficult times, when a spokesperson needs to have the right amount of confidence to field awkward questions and deliver professional responses.

QualityStocks can supply you with the services of a company spokesperson who will spend all of the time it takes to know your company intimately before you let them loose. Our professional spokespeople have developed their expertise in building our own brand and representing the views of many other companies. They are able to understand the issues, present convincing responses and anticipate tricky questions that may arise from your audience to defuse potentially harmful situations.

We have vast experience in handling various public relations issues, many of which had the potential to lead to disaster if not handled correctly. Our spokespeople are well trained in the use of body language, tone of voice and eye contact to foster a feeling of confidence in the message being delivered. Whether faced with a celebration or a crisis, they have the ability and confidence to deliver an effective celebratory message or steer you safely through the most stressful situations.

Contact QualityStocks to hear how a professional spokesperson can make a difference to your company. We are here to help you succeed in today’s highly competitive business world in any way possible.

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