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Market Intelligence

During WWII, posters appeared everywhere with the admonition, ‘loose lips sink ships’, pertinent advice to make people aware that inadvertently divulging information could help the Axis forces. Such chilling reminders were necessary, for there’s no doubt that timely, accurate information has turned the tide of battle throughout history, but the battlefield is not the only place where information is vital. Baron Rothschild, reputed at one time to be the wealthiest man in the world, famously capitalized on his advance knowledge of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon to make a fortune on the London Stock Exchange. Market intelligence can make or break fortunes or determine the failure or success of a campaign.

Market intelligence involves the collation and analysis of information on customers and competitors. Both facets are necessary. Not only must you know your customers; you must have a fair idea of what your competitors are up to. Only then can an effective market strategy be put together, one that examines strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Additionally, you must know your position in the product-competitor matrix to understand what your marketing strategy is or should be. Does your marketing approach revolve around being a low-cost supplier or providing a product with unique features? Do you sell to the mass market or are your offerings directed to a market segment? Perhaps your approach is niche marketing, where a market of customers with certain attributes is targeted with products that have particular features. Whatever your planned modus operandi, you can count on QualityStocks to help you execute it.

The QualityStocks team features professionals with decades of combined experience in market intelligence and strategic application. Market intelligence takes vigorous research, insightful analysis and an incredible amount of time. QualityStocks has all three, as well as the resources to execute a plan of action.

First, we work with the management team to gain an understanding of your brand and the short- and long-term goals planned for it. We then take this information and weigh it against your competitors, consumer trends and industry standards and outlooks in order to develop a communications strategy that best defines your brand and where you want to be.

Here are some Market Intelligence solutions we can provide:

  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Internal, competition and market analysis
  • Creation of relevant marketing materials
  • Development of intelligence best practices
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