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Investor Day Execution

An investor day can provide a potent way to interact with your investors and shareholders. It gives you the opportunity to show transparency by providing corporate updates, discussing plans for company growth and introducing your management team to investors. A well-organized investor day will go a long way to develop and strengthen investor trust in your company.

QualityStocks has the expertise, resources and strategies to help you plan a successful investor day

There are three components that can ensure a favorable outcome:

Thorough preparation for your investor day is critical to the success of the event. Poor preparation will be clearly evident to all shareholders attending, and you will fail to fully engage with them. The investor community has a strong grapevine, and your poor presentation will spread through their network like wildfire.

Before you start with your preparation, get to know your audience and determine what type of communication will push the right buttons. Go through your presentation materials beforehand to ensure that they deliver the right message. Practice your presentation or demonstration prior to the event to ensure things will run smoothly on the day.

Preparation is not enough to get your message across if you don’t have a strong enough delivery. Ensure that the presenter is well spoken and able to engage with your investor audience to convey your communications in a strong and convincing manner.

The presenter should also be well versed in all your corporate affairs to field any potential questions from investors. Try to include solutions in your presentation that answer anticipated questions from your audience. These could include queries about corporate goals, company growth, financial performance, industry trends and company operations.

Ensure that your shareholders have comfortable seating and no distractions during your presentation. Make a professional recording of the event to distribute to investors who are unable to attend. This should also be posted on your website and archived as reference for future events.

After the event, it is vital to thank your investors for attending and to get feedback on your presentation. Send them an email with a short survey questionnaire, thanking them in advance for their participation.

This survey should be used to address any negative feedback and make changes to your next investor day presentation. It can also be used to identify any issues that weren’t covered in your presentation and to gauge the level of shareholder confidence in company results and progress.

You know that you have executed a successful investor day if your shareholders are left with a clear understanding of the current state of your company’s affairs and the way forward. This will nurture confidence in their investment. Our professional team at QualityStocks can help you manage your investor day. We can source a suitable venue, send out invitations to your investors and assist you in preparing for your presentation.

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