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Like a coat of arms, a logo is a symbol of your company’s identity and reputation. Although a term derived from the Greek “logos” (word), a logo should transcend verbal communication and come to act as a unique identifier of your brand. Uniqueness is the watchword of the modern brand, which is why so many modern brands are combined with strange (Google) or atypical (Apple) names and symbols.

A logo should be simple. Some achieve recognition simply by repetition, but there’s more to logo design and brand identity than tricks of memory. Good logo design utilizes shape, form and color to evoke a particular response. A good example is the logo of America’s favorite soft drink. Written in a distinguishing Spenserian script since the late 19th century, the Coca-Cola logo promises trendy vitality and inclusion.

A good logo makes a good first impression on potential customers. It also reinforces the goodwill that present customers have toward your brand. Since it’s a ‘picture’, it will unconsciously trigger other images. Therefore, the ‘picture stream’ that arises in a viewer’s mind should be pleasant and positive.

Once created, your logo has to be integrated tastefully into your overall marketing campaign. Today, marketing channels abound, ranging from traditional print, radio and TV to social media and other digital media. QualityStocks can help you traverse that universe. We’ve been there and done that.
Creating the perfect logo that represents your company is an art form that QualityStocks knows well. We have helped over 300 businesses successfully increase their brand recognition in the marketplace, in part by creating visually stimulating, impressive and unforgettable symbols.

We can also build unique ad campaigns to complement your logo – examples are signage, business cards, letterhead, apparel, products, packaging, brochures, flyers, your website and other strategies. It will become a significant part of your brand and corporate identity, all wrapped up in one recognizable mark, a symbol of your business as a whole.

Contact the professionals at QualityStocks to learn more about creating an exclusive logo for your company.

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