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Awareness Strategies

You need to create brand awareness within your target market by developing a brand name that can be associated with the products and services you provide. QualityStocks believes that this can be achieved through a process of establishing an effective market presence, building a reputation and applying branding consistently across all platforms.

Establishing a market presence. Visibility can be established in several ways, including the publishing of company news, press releases and corporate updates. You can build up a solid market presence by posting blogs and articles, and developing an active social media presence. It can also be enhanced by communicating regularly with shareholders and broadcasting interviews with executive management.

Building a reputation. Reputation can be developed by providing exceptional customer service, creating a professional website and establishing your company as an authority in your market sector. Consistent customer and shareholder communication is critical, in addition to providing access to company management.

Applying consistent branding. Consistency can be achieved by instituting a regular schedule of blogs, articles, social media updates, shareholder letters and news releases. A uniform message should run like a thread through all materials and across all platforms.

QualityStocks develops cost-effective and customized strategies to improve your visibility and increase brand awareness. We create brand-specific materials for distribution through several channels, including blogs, articles, news releases, corporate presentations and video productions.

Building brand awareness is not a project with an end date. It is a campaign that requires an ongoing effort. Marketing results must be continually monitored to measure progress, and your campaign must have the flexibility to accommodate changes in market and consumer trends.

QualityStocks uses a multi-pronged approach to develop awareness of your brand:

  • Content creation by our team of professional writers
  • Distribution of articles and company news to over 5,000 destinations
  • Featured placement in our newsletter
  • Assistance with writing press releases and corporate communications
  • Development and management of social media communications and relations
  • Circulation of news releases through leading news publishing services
  • Production of executive management interviews and corporate videos
Market Basics

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