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Monitoring Investments

Where Can I Find Quoted Prices For Stocks I Am Trading In The OTC Market?

Quoted Prices for stocks traded in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market can be found at OTCBB or at the Pink Sheets. If you are having any trouble in finding quoted prices for your micro-cap stock investments, you should contact your Broker-Dealer, who will be able to help you.

Where Can I Check How My Micro-Cap Stocks Are Trading?

The Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) and the Pink Sheets are both electronic quotation systems that allow one access to the most recent trading information on micro-cap stocks.

What Questions Should I Ask About The Progress Of My Micro-Cap Stock Investments?

How frequently do I get statements? Do I understand what the statement tells me? Does the return on my investment satisfy my expectations and is this rate of return a good reflection of what I was originally told to expect? How much money will I get back if I sell the micro-cap stock today? How much am I paying in commission or fees? Have my investment goals changed and are micro-cap stock investments still suitable? What criteria should I use to decide when to sell?

What Do I Do If I Suspect That Something Is Amiss After I Have Made A Micro-Cap Stock Investment?

There is a limited time period during which you can take legal action.

You should immediately talk to your broker and explain your concerns. If you suspect that your broker is involved in fraudulent activity, document your complaint straightaway and send it to the firm. If a circumstance arises that your broker is unable to resolve proceed then to the broker’s branch manager and re-explain your predicament.

Thereafter, if your problem remains unresolved, document your complaint in written form and send it to the compliance department at the firm’s headquarters. If, after this, you are still not satisfied, send a letter to your state securities regulator and attach copies of all the documentation that you previously sent to the firm. You could also use the Security Exchange Commissions (SEC) online complaint form to lodge any complaints or problems that you may have encountered.

Buying Shares In A Micro-Cap Stock That Has Declared Bankruptcy

A micro-cap stock investor should be careful when investing in common stock of companies in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Some people look to purchase the low-priced shares of these micro-cap stock companies in the hopes that the price of the shares will rise after the company surfaces from a bankrupt state.

Keep in mind that creditors are paid from the company’s liquidated assets before common stockholders and the holders of these micro-cap stock shares stand a very good chance of losing their whole investment.

Market Basics

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The Basics

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