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MondayApr 09, 2018 10:09 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – IEG Holdings Corp. (IEGH) Offers Shareholders of Record an Option to Obtain Shares in Investment Evolution Coin

Consumer loan provider IEG Holdings (OTCQB: IEGH) recently provided an opportunity for its shareholders to attain shares in Investment Evolution Coin. A recent article discussing the company’s offer reads: “IEG Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: IEGH) announced that the company will refrain from directly pursuing cryptocurrency-related projects for the time being. However, shareholders on the measure date (April 30, 2018) will retain the upside in the cryptocurrency field through the launch of a new cryptocurrency by Investment Evolution Coin Ltd. (“IEC”), a company that’s managed by IEG Holdings CEO Paul Mathieson. According to a company press release (http://ibn.fm/8eskn), IEG Holdings’ shareholders will…

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MondayApr 09, 2018 10:03 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS) Positioned to Capitalize on Promising Economy Boom in West Africa

Petrogress (OTC: PGAS), a diversified marine transport and offshore services company, is working toward expanding its operations in West Africa to capitalize on the region’s mounting potential. An article discussing the company reads: “Petrogress and its subsidiaries have already been operating within the energy sector in Ghana, and the company wants to expand operations in West Africa. It is authorized to conduct local sales of oil products and shipping business from the Port of Terma in Ghana. The goal of parent company Petrogress, which holds several subsidiaries, is to be a fully vertically integrated oil and natural gas energy company.”…

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FridayApr 06, 2018 3:29 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – EVIO, Inc. (EVIO) Cannabis Testing Services Ensure Safety, Analyze Potency

EVIO (OTCQB: EVIO), a life sciences and cannabis testing company, provides laboratory testing to ensure that consumers receive products that meet stringent standards of healthful quality. An article discussing the company’s services reads: “The company plans to reach a total of 18 laboratories in the United States by the end of the year. In the meantime, clients can bring plant samples into the Oregon-based company’s labs in Colorado or four other states along the East and West Coasts or ask a lab representative to make an on-site visit for random sampling. The lab will visually inspect the plants for signs…

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FridayApr 06, 2018 3:23 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Lexaria Bioscience Corp.’s (CSE: LXX) (OTCQX: LXRP) DehydraTECH Technology Could Revolutionize Smokeless Tobacco

Lexaria Bioscience’s (CSE: LXX) (OTCQB: LXRP) revolutionary DehydraTECH™ technology has proven to be effective in cannabinoid delivery and is now undergoing testing for nicotine. An article discussing the company reads: “Lexaria is now looking to out-license its DehydraTECH to third-party partners in the tobacco industry. These partnerships could pave the way for a healthier smoke-free option for the one billion smokers worldwide. Lexaria is the only company in the world that holds a patent for this oral technology, including the pill. A new U.S. patent award protects this nicotine delivery system, creating a path for what could be the world’s…

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FridayApr 06, 2018 3:09 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. (CSE: LIB) (OTCQB: LIBFF) (FSE: HN3P) Employs Seasoned Executives to Shape Diverse Portfolio

Liberty Leaf Holdings (CSE: LIB) (OTCQB: LIBFF) (FSE: HN3P), along with its subsidiaries, has been strengthening its scientific, legal and accounting teams with experienced leadership additions. An article discussing the company reads: “Together, the team is building a diversified portfolio of companies. Through this portfolio, it is helping to market high quality, medicinal-grade cannabis products with great promise for both human and veterinary use as Canada nears openness to all aspects of marijuana use later this year. Liberty Leaf continues seeking out productive, revenue-generating cannabis ventures in which to invest while simultaneously building its own working capital base. Its North…

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FridayApr 06, 2018 11:45 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – IEG Holdings Corp. (IEGH) Revenues Projected to Surge to $8.2M in FY2020

Consumer loan provider IEG Holdings (OTCQB: IEGH) was the subject of a ACF Equity Research report in January 2018 which projected that IEGH revenues will quadruple from 2017 estimates by 2020 (http://ibn.fm/SesRN). A recent article discussing the company reads: “From approximately $2 million in 2017 estimated revenues, ACF Equity Research projects that the revenue of IEGH will reach $5.33 million in FY2019 and $8.23 million in FY2020, with positive EBITDA in both years. The company is currently debt-free and undertaking a creative cryptocurrency initiative that may well make IEG Holdings one of the few loan companies in the world that…

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FridayApr 06, 2018 11:40 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS) Expands Operations at Promising Time

Diversified marine transport and offshore services company Petrogress (OTC: PGAS) is aggressively expanding to exploit the growing opportunities in the global oil and gas industry. An article discussing the company’s planned expansion reads: “Petrogress is rapidly expanding operations in one of the last remaining regions on the planet with proven reserves in which oil and gas exploration hasn’t kept pace with the rest of the world. When considered alongside the previously noted $20 trillion suggested investment in the global oil industry, Petrogress’ expanded operations could position the company for an incredibly bright future.” To view the full article, visit http://ibn.fm/1TRnw…

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FridayApr 06, 2018 11:35 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Epazz, Inc. (EPAZ) Subsidiary Offers Secure Mobile Payment System

Epazz (OTC: EPAZ) is offering consumers a secure and reliable app that enables them to acquire bitcoin at the point-of-sale through its fintech subsidiary ZenaPay. An article discussing the company reads: “ZenaPay also comes with a ‘wallet’ that allows bitcoin to be stored for later use. Since its release in November 2017, the ZenaPay bitcoin wallet has gained widespread acceptance. On March 1, 2018, Epazz announced that the ZenaPay Bitcoin Ethereum Wallet App surpassed 25,000 downloads. A recently released version now supports ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, in addition to bitcoin, and Epazz plans to provide support for LiteCoin and SegWit…

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ThursdayApr 05, 2018 10:12 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (CSE: PREV) (OTCQB: PRVCF) (FSE: 18H) Continues to Advance Sol-gel Drug Delivery Technology

Health sciences company PreveCeutical Medical (CSE: PREV) (OTCQB: PRVCF) (FSE: 18H) believes that its unique cannabinoid-based, nose-to-brain delivery technology, which employs its Sol-gel platform, is on track to become the first of its kind to be FDA-approved. An article discussing the company’s technology reads: “PreveCeutical believes that its cannabinoid-based nose-to-brain delivery technology, using a Sol-gel platform, will be the first to gain Food and Drug Administration approval. Its water soluable, alcohol free nasal formulation which will be developed for use by adults, children and people of certain beliefs. … PreveCeutical’s groundbreaking Sol-gel delivery system displays significant benefits over other contemporary…

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ThursdayApr 05, 2018 10:07 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – AnalytixInsight Inc.’s (TSX.V: ALY) (OTCQB: ATIXF) CapitalCube Offers Quant Tools to Small Investors

AnalytixInsight (TSX.V: ALY) (OTCQB: ATIXF) has developed proprietary, machine-learning technology to enable investors to research and invest. Through its flagship product, CapitalCube.com, the company is giving small investors their own personal quant machine. An article discussing the company’s financial portal reads: “Available on its own dedicated website, AnalytixInsight’s flagship product, CapitalCube.com, is a financial portal that provides comprehensive analysis, including on-demand fundamental research, portfolio evaluation and screening tools on over 50,000 global equities and North American ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). CapitalCube generates investment ideas by providing in-depth analysis, peer-to-peer performance evaluations, accounting and earnings reports, dividend strength and AI-supported information about…

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