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FridayOct 31, 2008 12:43 pm

Wall Street Ends Worst Month in 21 Years on High Note

As the closing bell rang on Friday, it marked the end of the worst month that the stock market has seen since 1987. For investors, October 2008 is not a month that will be looked upon with great nostalgia in years to come, however, despite the release of a report that reflected the fears of hesitant consumers, indices rose significantly. The Dow Jones closed at 9,325; up 144 points or 1.57 percent on the day. Let us hear your thoughts below:

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FridayOct 31, 2008 12:42 pm

No Federal Financing for GM-Chrysler Merger

Even as the government hands bailout-money to a slew of American banks and insurance providers, it is now refusing to provide GM and Chrysler with funding for a proposed merger. Word came from Bernanke and the Bush administration early on Friday, and it appears that for now, the deal is on hold. Nissan has been flagged as another possibility for Chrysler, as both automakers continue to struggle in a harsh economic environment. Let us hear your thoughts below:

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FridayOct 31, 2008 12:40 pm

AgFeed Industries, Inc. (FEED) – China’s Largest Feed Corporation

The Chinese commercial hog farm industry is the largest in the world, accounting for more than half the annual global production. AgFeed Industries is China's largest premix feed company, and has been named one of China's top ten hog producers. Founded in 1995, AgFeed produces well over 600,000 hogs a year at its 28 farms, with the help of more than 1,500 employees. The company also owns five premix feed plants, which are located in some of China's most profitable feed markets. These facilities ship feed to 900 independently owned and operated retail chain stores, as well as provide for…

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FridayOct 31, 2008 10:46 am

China Organic Agriculture Inc. (CNOA.OB) Announces Completion of Strategic Acquisition to Gain Foothold in China’s Agricultural Market

China Organic Agriculture Inc. (OTCBB: CNOA) trades agricultural products in China and has established a business plan that will enable it to capitalize on China’s growing consumer class. The company today announced the $10.6 million acquisition of 60% of Dalian Huiming Industry Ltd., a major agricultural trading company with a wide distribution, which will allow China Organic to boost its distribution capabilities. “The completion of this acquisition marks an important milestone in the history of China Organic Agriculture,” Jinsong Li, China Organic’s CEO stated in the press release. “We’re now able to focus on the successful integration of Dalian Huiming…

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FridayOct 31, 2008 10:41 am

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.’s (SFE) Revenue Jumps 59%

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc., a holding company that provides capital and business resources to its partner companies in the information technology and life sciences fields, announced a 59% growth in the third quarter revenue. Consolidated revenue rose to $19 million, compared to just under $12 million for the same quarter last year. As a result, the company is updating its aggregated partner revenue outlook for 2008 (consolidated and non-consolidated) to between $155 million and $165 million, versus the $135 million to $150 million figures previously given. Safeguard’s Sr. V.P. and CFO, Stephen T. Zarrilli, said, “We are able to take advantage…

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FridayOct 31, 2008 10:37 am

Cyberlux Corp. (CYBL.OB) Partners With Sacred Power To Bring Advanced Lighting Technologies To Solar Power

Cyberlux Corporation, developer of breakthrough lighting technologies, will partner with Sacred Power Corporation to offer previously unavailable lighting solutions to government and commercial projects. At the heart of the partnership are Cyberlux’s revolutionary and patented illumination technologies, based upon the use of Gallium Nitride light emitting diodes. These state-of-the-art lighting elements consume 92% less energy than incandescent or fluorescent counterparts. In addition, the expected life of Gallium Nitride diodes is over 20 years, versus only 750 hours for traditional incandescent bulbs. The new technology is already being used as a low-energy, high-output, long-life solution in traffic lights and automotive break…

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FridayOct 31, 2008 10:34 am

Neoprobe Corp. (NEOP.OB) Gets Green Light from European Medicines Agency for Continued Development of RIGScan® CR

Neoprobe Corporation, a Dublin, Ohio based developer of surgical and diagnostic devices and pharmaceuticals, said today that the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) has approved Neoprobe’s RIGScan® CR cancer detection system for additional testing and development, leading to the potential approval for Neoprobe to market the product throughout the European Union (EU) and affiliated countries. The EMEA controls the introduction, development, and marketing of medical devices and products in the EU. Neoprobe’s concept for the RIGScan® CR system is a combination of radiation-emitting antibodies with a detection device to assist surgeons in the discovery of tumor deposits that may not be…

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FridayOct 31, 2008 8:03 am

Heckmann Corp. (HEK) Merges with China Water and Drinks, Inc; Announces Discretionary Buy-Back Plan

Earlier today, Heckmann Corp. announced that it has completed its merger with China Water and Drinks Inc. As terms of the agreement, China Water is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heckmann Corp. and its stock will no longer trader under the ticker symbol “CWDK” on the OTCBB. Ninety-five percent of the shareholders who voted at Heckmann’s special meeting yesterday approved the transaction. In the press release, the company also announced that its Board of Directors approved a discretionary buy-back plan for the Company's four year warrants issued as part of its IPO units in November of 2007. Under the terms…

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FridayOct 31, 2008 7:49 am

Hyde Park Acquisition Corp. (HYDQ.OB) Announces Acquisition of Essex Crane Rental Corp.

Hyde Park Acquisition Corp. today announced the acquisition of privately held Essex Holdings LLC and its subsidiary, Essex Crane Rental Corp. According to the press release, the acquisition was finalized after Hyde shareholders approved the acquisition at a special shareholder meeting held earlier today. The company also announced that it has changed its name to Essex Rental Corp. Essex’s President and CEO, Ron Schad, stated, "We appreciate the support of the shareholders of Hyde Park and are looking forward to Essex’s future as a public company. We are focused on building long-term value for our shareholders, and intend to pursue…

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FridayOct 31, 2008 6:50 am

Changing Times Vitamins, Inc. (SGTB.PK) Signs Deal with Coors of Las Vegas to Distribute RecoveryX

Changing Times Vitamins, Inc. (SGTB.PK), headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, was pleased to announce yesterday that it has entered into an agreement with Coors of Las Vegas to distribute its primary product, RecoveryX. As a leader in the wholesale distribution of beverages, Coors of Las Vegas is on a mission to continually improve sales and service to meet both its suppliers’ and customers’ expectations. Through its team of highly trained associates, Coors only sells premium and regional brands through its distribution network. 60 to 70 percent of Coors’ business is to hotels, casinos, and restaurants. RecoveryX is a unique product that…

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