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Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (OTC: GTVH)

Investment Considerations
  • In March 2024, GTVH announced that it has retained Cayenne Consulting to assist Destino Ranch in business planning, feasibility study, revenue modeling and strategic development services.
  • In March 2024, GTVH announced that it has executed a purchase agreement to acquire nearly 70 acres for its Destino Ranch project, being developed in Arizona by Lavish Entertainment.
  • In February 2024, GTVH announces that it has activated phase one of its development plans for Destino Ranch.
  • In January 2024, GTVH announced the appointment of Marco Antonio Moreno as President and COO of Lavish Entertainment.
  • In August 2023, GTVH announced the launch of website and sales for its Le Pragma line of CBD products.

Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (OTC: GTVH), or “GTV”, is a multifaceted consulting company, which operates as the parent business pursuing ventures in the health, entertainment and technology sectors, along with others that provide synergistic value to these three core divisions. The company aims to purchase, acquire and/or joint venture with established entities within these areas of business. The goods and services represented are driven by innovators who have passion and commitment in these marketplaces. The company plans to utilize relationships and create a platform for new and existing businesses to strengthen their products and/or services. The three points of the Golden Triangle exclusively represent the three sectors this company aims to do business in. Golden Triangle Ventures is highly focused on acquiring a well-diversified portfolio of companies under one umbrella, which are all managed and owned by the company. An amazing team of professionals supports each division and continues to help the company grow daily. Being a publicly traded company gives the ability to provide the support needed to help each subsidiary grow into the businesses management believes they can and will become.

Golden Triangle Ventures’ business model is supported by the drive for vertical integration to cut costs and maximize margins. Management strives to acquire entities and assets that they fully understand, which maintain the prospect for long term exponential growth. The mission is to provide the necessary resources for each subsidiary to generate profit, and then allow them to leverage each other and maximize economic impact. In addition, GTV provides a professional corporate representation service to different companies in these sectors while consulting on a variety of different business development objectives.

The backbone of this business is truly a team of professional advisors looking to help companies with a multitude of corporate objectives. With an extensive rolodex of relationships, management can help with a dynamic range of project obstacles while maintaining a quality service for each client the company represents. No matter what the needs are, the team involved can help facilitate many different transactions successfully for all parties involved. The network of relationships expands to industry experts that can assist with project management, product sourcing, industrial agriculture project implementation and so much more. Golden Triangle Ventures develops strategies and detailed plans that are custom-tailored to each corporate need and objective in all areas of business.

The GTV business model is focused on the following core group of interests:

  • Acquisitions / Assets / Holdings – The company currently owns a unique portfolio of companies that are all being developed and supported by GTV, each holding a common goal of making a positive impact in the industry in which they operate.
  • Services – Services are deployed through Golden Triangle Ventures to assist all the unique opportunities within its operation. The company also offers its services to select opportunities that could develop synergistic value within the relationship between both companies through the result of its efforts.
  • Investments – Management identifies high-value opportunities and provides capital investments in several companies and projects being developed. Each investment is complemented by a hands-on approach of helping to develop the overall direction and strategic plan for each opportunity.

The company is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada.


Health Division – Global Health Services

Global Health Services Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Triangle Ventures operating under its Health Division. The company offers a wide-ranging hemp processing and distribution service and was formed to transact all CBD and health related business as a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. The company offers a variety of post-harvest services for CBD hemp farmers which range from initial extraction to distillation, isolation, or any other processing services needed. Global Health Services also assists new or existing CBD stores that are looking for co-packaging, white labeling or any form of product fulfillment, marketing or branding.

Global Health Services Inc. has partnered with Sonder Fulfillment, which is also owned by Golden Triangle Ventures and is a leading industrial hemp/CBD companies in the United States. This partnership allows Global Health Services to offer all forms of extraction services in the industrial hemp/CBD space. Licenses within the partnership include CFM (Commercial Food Manufacturing), which is all- encompassing of cGMP, GDF and NSF. Global Health Services can assist farmers with initial extraction, winterization, distillation, isolation and THC remediation. Global Health Services offers complete white-label CBD product development. The team consists of research Ph.D.’s, formulary scientists and flavor compounding specialists to build cannabinoid-based nutritional products and targeted homeopathic products.

Golden Triangle Ventures has fully acquired all assets and intellectual property of Le Pragma LLC, a full retail line of high-end, all-natural health, wellness and beauty products. Currently, Le Pragma’s inventory of CBD products includes tinctures, wellness pills, pain cream, lip balm and a five-step CBD skincare system comprised of a face cleanser, exfoliant, serum, face oil and face cream. The valuation of the inventory acquired could generate more than $3 million in retail sales through established distribution channels. The company will authorize Sonder Fulfillment as an exclusive partner to distribute all bulk sales of the product line. This partnership will provide Sonder Fulfillment with preferred pricing on bulk materials and deliver a streamlined avenue for Le Pragma’s expansion.

The company announced its plan to explore a spin-off of Global Health Services into its own trading entity and provide a 1:1 dividend in Global Health Services to all shareholders of record as of February 19, 2021, once the proposed spinoff becomes effective and approved. It was determined that it was in the best interest of the company and the shareholders to retain a PCAOB auditing firm and work to complete the spin-offs after the company becomes a fully-reporting, 1934 Act Filing company. Golden Triangle Ventures will own 25% equity in Global Health Services after the company is successfully spun off.

Global Health Services has appointed Dr. Dan Jurgens as its new CEO to provide direction and operational expertise to assist the company in developing more robust service offerings. One of the most exciting opportunities is its anticipated opening of the very first Global Health Services Inc. advanced pain therapy and wellness clinic. The initial location will become the flagship model for future endeavors and will showcase several state-of-the-art technologies that offer proven and beneficial therapeutic results. Dr. Jurgens is working directly with management and has been implementing the initial structure, operating procedures, technology acquisitions and overall framework to launch the first clinic. The company has identified a beautiful location in Las Vegas for its first pain clinic and is now working to acquire the facility and expand its health division under GTV.

Several unique technologies will support this new advanced pain therapy and wellness clinic, one of which includes the Softwave Tissue Regeneration Technologies. The Softwave technology provides a cutting-edge advancement, effective at treating a variety of painful conditions as well as poor circulation issues (ex: neuropathy), non-union fractures and poorly healing wounds. It works by recruiting the body’s own stem cells to the area that’s being treated, improving circulation and reducing inflammation. With a focus on improving health and wellness through the use of cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based solutions, further benefits will develop through a number of different personalized care applications and complimentary products offered within each clinic such as the Le Pragma product line.

Entertainment Division – Lavish Entertainment

Lavish Entertainment Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Triangle Ventures operating under its Entertainment Division. The company is doing business as EpicRaves and currently conducts its business out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company started doing business in 2017 and was established with a vision of becoming a nationally recognized concert production company. The company currently has more than 30,000 national followers and nearly 100 team members who have helped it successfully organize some of the most exciting electronic dance music concerts in Las Vegas. Lavish Entertainment strives to produce high quality and professional events that provide an immersive experience through state-of-the-art production and sound implementation.

Lavish Entertainment organized its very first music festival, Playa Playground Music Festival, at AREA15 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 31, 2021. Playa Playground provided an immersive and interactive sensory experience unlike anything else Las Vegas has to offer. The New Year’s festival was showcased across three venues at AREA15: The Grounds festival space, the A-Lot outdoor stage and The Portal, a 360-degree projection mapped room. The party featured five different playa-style Sound Camps, six art car stages, interactive art installations, food trucks, games, carnival rides and myriad other entertaining attractions. The overarching vision for the event was to bring the famed Playa to Las Vegas’ newest venue, AREA15. The company has proven its teams’ capabilities in successfully organizing large scale events.

Lavish Entertainment owns and operates its own record label, Syndicate Bass Records LLC, which is a unique platform curated by individuals who strongly believe in the impact of the bass music scene around the world. The company strives to feature some of the most groundbreaking and undiscovered talent in bass music. Management has spent countless hours vigorously searching for the most intricate and complex sounds in the game and has the mission to spread awareness and highlight artists from around the world in all forms of bass music. Lavish Entertainment has acquired a Hennessey Sound Design Professional Audio System and formed a strategic partnership with SuperKollider Sound LLC to advance the company’s events by utilizing its top tier, professional sound system. Management has been preparing its warehouse for a full stage setup, sound, lights, lasers and all necessary production equipment to host weekly live streamed events and provide a platform to showcase the many talented producers under the company record label.

The company announced its plan to explore a spin-off of Lavish Entertainment into its own trading entity and provide a 1:1 dividend in Lavish Entertainment to all shareholders of record as of February 19, 2021, once the proposed spin-off becomes effective and approved. It was determined that it was in the best interest of the company and the shareholders to retain a PCAOB auditing firm and work to complete the spin-offs after the company becomes a fully-reporting, 1934 Act Filing company. Golden Triangle Ventures will own 25% equity in Lavish Entertainment after the company is successfully spun off.

Lavish Entertainment is currently developing a flagship entertainment complex called Destino Ranch which intends to become an ideal outdoor music and festival venue, immersive art installation, tourist attraction and world-renowned destination center. The company recently secured a purchase agreement to acquire nearly 70 acres of prime and improved land for its Destino Ranch project strategically located in Arizona. The property secured has upgrades that represent a substantial investment totaling nearly $6 million, which has turned this once-vacant land into a beautiful oasis that provides the initial infrastructure needed to begin the development of Destino Ranch.

Lavish Entertainment appointed Marco Antonio Moreno as its new President and Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Moreno is the founder, senior designer and lead project manager for ABI Create LLC. (“ABI”). Formed in 2015, and based out of Phoenix, Arizona, ABI is a complete-service event management and production firm offering event organization, management, production and logistics, site planning and permitting, construction and contracting, custom design and fabrication and more. ABI has successfully implemented its corporate vision of delivering high-fidelity production to large-scale installations that span major music festivals, major sporting events and notable conventions across the United States. Notable collaborative work samples include projects produced for the Super Bowl, San Diego & New York Comic-Con, EDC & Camp EDC and other Insomniac events, Bonnaroo Music Festival, The Waste Management Phoenix Open and Arnold Palmer Invitational and Burning Man.

ABI was a crucial team member in the production of Lavish Entertainment’s Playa Playground New Year’s event (“Playa”). Due to the role ABI played in the execution of Playa, the CEO of Golden Triangle Ventures, Steffan Dalsgaard, handpicked Mr. Moreno to lead the new vision of Lavish and contribute to the company’s overarching business goal of becoming an industry leading, innovative and at-the-forefront music and arts entertainment production company.

Technology Division – HyFrontier Technology

Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. owns 100% of HyFrontier Technologies Inc., which operates under the company’s Technology Division. The company owns a patent-pending process and device technology called “HyGrO,” which is a molecular hydrogen and oxygen delivery system for agriculture. Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. is assisting the company in commercializing the HyGrO unit for farm and home use in markets across the globe.

HyFrontier Technologies Inc. has a mission to improve global crop production efficiency by producing hydrogen and oxygen directly in the water stream. This technology can be used on any species of plant life in nearly any grow medium. Additionally, the system can be retrofitted to wellheads for large-scale agricultural projects, indoor grow operations and small farms, or utilized for a multitude of residential home and garden applications. In-house testing has shown evidence that hydrogen is capable of increasing crop yields by up to 25% and, in many circumstances, a much higher amount. Larger root systems and better overall plant health were also observed by watering plants with the HyGrO unit.

Multiple third-party commercial farms and testing facilities are currently working to validate the HyGrO technology, and all preliminary results have shown positive results. The company has completed a hemp CBD profile testing on its HyGrO technology. As of recent, the company has concluded an exhaustive round of studies and is pleased to announce the results of a CBD profile test, grown with the HyGrO hydrogen water technology against a control test, conducted in Pueblo, Colorado, by Colorado Hemp Services and Halcyon Hemp. From the results of the controlled study, the company found an increase in CBD levels between 2.39% for Ella Estrella to 117.41% for Bessemer Bush grown using the HyGrO system from HyFrontier Technologies. The average CBD level increase for these 10 strains was 27.27%. Management is now collaborating with John Janovec, Ph.D. (Botany) to duplicate this study with scientific oversight.

Management has now moved out of the HyFrontier Technologies Inc. headquarters in Florida, which was a 7,800 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, and the company plans to transition into a new location once capitalized that will be used to produce a commercially viable technology and begin manufacturing of the HyGrO unit. The company has plans to produce a consistent and predictable outcome within different plant species. By proving the benefits of this HyGrO hydrogen water technology on a consistent basis with a predictable outcome, the company can best monetize its technology and mitigate potential risk of deploying the technology in unknown environments. The company is strongly focused on further testing of its HyGrO unit and advancing its development of the core technology to best ensure a commercially viable product that can benefit farming operations across the planet. Management of Golden Triangle Ventures has relationships with some of the largest farming operations in America, which will assist the company and its sales strategy when its technology becomes publicly available.

On November 8, 2022, Golden Triangle Ventures had fully executed a settlement agreement with Robert DuBose, former CEO of HyFrontier Technologies Inc., which resulted in Robert DuBose formally stepping down from HyFrontier Technologies and no longer serving as a board member or any other active role within Golden Triangle Ventures. Michael Giovi has replaced Robert DuBose on Golden Triangle Ventures’ Board of Directors. Robert DuBose has agreed to retire all 500,000 Preferred I shares of Golden Triangle Ventures stock to the company treasury, and Golden Triangle Ventures has agreed to relinquish ownership of the pending provisional patent on the HyGrO technology to Robert DuBose and give Robert DuBose the right to use the HyGrO name. HyFrontier Technologies has worked to develop a stronger and safer technology that is viewed to be not applicable within the provisional patent that was transferred to Robert DuBose. As management thanks Mr. DuBose for the opportunity, the company intends to elect a new CEO in the near future and is proud to announce that it remains highly confident in its ability to develop and deliver a safe technology that can potentially revolutionize the agriculture industry.

Fulfillment Division – Sonder Fulfillment

Sonder Fulfillment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Triangle Ventures which provides an array of synergies to the many companies and projects within the portfolio of businesses under GTV. Sonder Fulfillment is a leading company in the industrial hemp and CBD industry. Sonder Fulfillment has put together a powerful team of research Ph.D.’s, formulary scientists and flavor compounding specialists to build advanced cannabinoid-based nutritional and homeopathic products that are designed to catalyze the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to support targeted wellness and relief. The company’s management team has built many well-known products in the natural medicine space for several decades and has coalesced that knowledge to build out superior processes and products. Sonder Fulfillment has strong and longstanding relationships with farms, extraction labs, product formulation labs and co-packaging companies, which allows Sonder Fulfillment to secure the complete supply chain from start to finish and provide its clients with the lowest cost of goods sold possible while maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.

Sonder Fulfillment has produced for and currently has white-label contracts for some of the largest CBD companies in the space, such as Select (a division of CURA), Amway and many others. The company provides bulk raw CBD materials to clients in 22 countries and is now paving the way to become the first company to provide legally commercialized end-consumer CBD products into “hard to penetrate” markets such as Japan, Australia, South Korea and Mexico. Sonder Fulfillment has partnered with GVB Biopharma, one of the largest industrial hemp processors in the space, to undertake the extensive and rigorous process to get Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) certification for raw products. API certification will allow Sonder Fulfillment to further expand its reach into markets where CBD can only be distributed through prescriptions as a medicinal product.

Sonder Fulfillment has secured approval of cannabinol (“CBN”) for export into the Japanese market. This opens up a tremendous amount of opportunity for sales of this novel cannabinoid that greatly assists the end-user with anxiety and sleep-related issues. The company has also successfully entered the Mexico market with contracts for white-labeled CBD products for retail applications while pushing to further progress approval from the Mexican government to export a variety of products into the country. The company has built a portfolio of end-user cannabinoid products that have been delivered and sold to a distribution company in Mexico and is now working toward approval on all additional skews being developed. These achievements will expand the company’s footprint in Mexico, furthering Sonder Fulfillment’s goal of distributing end-user cannabinoid products into 30,000 retail outlets and ultimately gaining distribution access into large retail big box outlets across the country.

The company specializes in a vertically integrated business model for the CBD/industrial hemp industry. The founders of Sonder Fulfillment, Nathan Puente and Joshua Weaver, have provided invaluable support and world-class relationships, as well as countless opportunities which have delivered an overall support structure to Golden Triangle Ventures. As the acquisition of Le Pragma comes further to fruition, Sonder Fulfillment has shifted its focus to developing critical opportunities to assist the distribution of the Le Pragma CBD product line into already established international markets. In addition, the company is working to penetrate emerging markets such as Russia, Taiwan and Dubai to expand its global network of distribution options to further support Le Pragma and bolster its offering. Further, Sonder Fulfillment has successfully entered the Brazilian market with medicinal-focused offerings and is expanding the current client’s lineup with two new full-spectrum tincture products, as well as Delta-8 gummies. With the expansion into these new markets, Sonder Fulfillment seeks to continue its mission of being a global leader in advanced cannabinoid product development and distribution.

Market Opportunity

According to a report from Grand View Research, a San Francisco-based global research and consulting firm, the worldwide cannabidiol (CBD) market size was valued at $7.71 billion in 2023 and is projected to expand to a value of more than $21.5 billion by 2030, achieving a CAGR of 15.8% over the forecast period.

Companies are developing a variety of CBD products, including edibles, topicals and beverages, to meet the demand from consumers. Rise of e-commerce has allowed companies to reach a wider audience and increase sales through online channels, which has positively impacted CBD industry growth projections, according to the report.

Management Team

Steffan Dalsgaard, Founder & Executive Chairman of the Board of Golden Triangle Ventures. Mr. Dalsgaard has a background in public relations and business development with over a decade of experience representing and consulting with dozens of private and public companies over his career. Mr. Dalsgaard consults with companies on all corporate objectives while providing a professional and corporate face to their organizations. Steffan Dalsgaard has built a powerful reputation in the public relations industry and has a mission to work with emerging growth companies that are positioned to become significant businesses in their respective fields. By providing quality representation and strategic consulting catered to each client’s individual needs, the services Mr. Dalsgaard provides are highly valued and imperative to many different corporate successes. Mr. Dalsgaard has a vision of operating a nationally recognized holding company for a multitude of businesses all under one umbrella.

Kevin Pachacki is the new Vice President and Director of Golden Triangle Ventures. Mr. Pachacki is a dynamic leader and seasoned expert in orchestrating comprehensive management strategies, customer service experiences, operational oversight and large-scale logistics. With over two decades of refined expertise in the hospitality industry and various high-stakes operational roles, Mr. Pachacki brings a wealth of knowledge to Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. His strategic insights and operational acumen have been pivotal in steering corporate objectives toward tangible successes. His proficiency in directing sizable teams, evidenced by his leadership of over 100 professional team members, aligns seamlessly with the ambitious scope of developing complex and large-scale projects. His background in fostering four-diamond service standards and pioneering customer satisfaction initiatives underpins his ability to elevate operational practices and enhance the guest experience at every touchpoint. Mr. Pachaki’s role extends beyond traditional oversight; he is a catalyst for innovation and growth. His involvement in strategic planning and corporate governance provides the company with a cutting-edge perspective. His guidance ensures that the operational systems are robust, the teams are well-coordinated and the execution is flawless. His influence on the board is marked by his ability to identify and capitalize on unique market opportunities, drive community engagement and foster enduring industry partnerships.

Marco Antonio Moreno, the visionary founder of ABI Create LLC, commands the event industry with a legacy of orchestrating monumental experiences. As a pioneering force, he has steered ABI Create LLC to the forefront of large-scale event organization, leaving an indelible mark through the curation and management of some of the most prominent events in the industry, including multiple Super Bowls, Comic Cons, major sporting events and music festivals, including some of the largest art installation projects at multiple Burning Man events. His discerning eye for detail and unparalleled expertise have reshaped the landscape of event entertainment. Beyond his triumphs at ABI Create LLC, he holds the pivotal position of President and Chief Operating Officer at Lavish Entertainment Inc. and sits on the strategic advisory board of Golden Triangle Ventures. With a profound understanding of operational dynamics, he ensures the seamless orchestration of the company’s strategic vision. His strategic acumen and deep understanding of event logistics honed through years of pioneering endeavors propel the company’s trajectory toward creating a world-class outdoor music and art space in the high desert of Mohave County, Arizona, just an hour from Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Moreno’s distinguished journey mirrors his pursuit of excellence. His innovative spirit, paired with a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, has cemented his reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. As a visionary leader and seasoned expert, he shapes Lavish Entertainment Inc.’s journey toward redefining event entertainment on a global stage, encapsulating innovation, grandeur and lasting impact.

Stuart Seim is the Chief Development Officer and Director of Golden Triangle. He began his career as an associate professor at the University of Manitoba in the field of outdoor and environmental education after receiving his master’s degree and completing advanced educational studies. Coming from a family with an extensive financial background, he became a stockbroker for major regional financial firm Robert W. Baird. In a short time, he became the Branch Manager for Baird in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while also serving as a Managing Director for Baird.

Michael Giovi is COO of GTVH. He was a founder and director of Lavish Entertainment then transitioned his operational skills into GTVH. He initially joined GTVH as a strategic advisor and then formally became the COO in January 2022. He has proven and surpassed expectations of his value as an asset to the business, its operations and the overall process framework within the corporation. He has worked side-by-side with CEO Steffan Dalsgaard and strongly enhances the entire corporation. In 2022, he joined the GTVH board of directors.

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