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FridayJun 02, 2023 9:45 am

Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN) Inks Class 3 Truck PO, Purchase Agreement in Continued Upward Momentum

MULN received an order for one thousand class 3 trucks from its dealer partner, Randy Marion Automotive The company is excited about entering the next phase of its commercial launch with the Mullen THREE Mullen inked a $15 million vehicle purchase agreement with the MGT Lease Company for 250 class 3 cab chassis EV trucks On the heels of several purchase agreements and orders, Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ: MULN) is experiencing impressive momentum as it continues to focus on growing in the electric vehicle space. Most recently, the company received a 1,000-unit purchase order (https://ibn.fm/2tLyU) and announced a $15.7 million vehicle purchase…

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FridayJun 02, 2023 9:15 am

Genprex Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GNPX) Inspiring Patient Video on Gene Therapy’s Potential in NSCLC Treatment

Gene Therapy's Transformative Potential Highlighted in Inspiring Patient Video Interview with Genprex’s (NASDAQ: GNPX) REQORSA on Benzinga. Click Here for the full article The interview showcases the real-life experience of a patient participating in a clinical trial utilizing Genprex's innovative gene therapy drug candidate, REQORSA, shedding light on the significant impact it could potentially have in advancing the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. The featured video highlights the compelling story of Jacqueline Marino, a participant in the Phase 1 segment of Genprex's Phase 1/2 Acclaim-1 clinical trial. Marino, diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (“NSCLC”), offers an inspiring account…

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FridayJun 02, 2023 9:00 am

Biogas Boom: EverGen Infrastructure Corp. (TSX.V: EVGN) (OTCQX: EVGIF)’s Leadership Position in Canada’s Global Sustainability Push

In 2019, Quebec became the first Canadian province to mandate the inclusion of renewable natural gas (“RNG”) in natural gas distribution; other provinces have followed suit EverGen Infrastructure as a renewable energy leader in Canada, specializing in RNG with operations in B.C., Alberta, and Ontario EverGen has agreements with provincial governments and businesses to bat for organic feedstock and supply agreements with major Canadian utilities, including FortisBC, to include RNG in their pipelines Renewable energy forms a cornerstone of environmental sustainability, with nations worldwide realizing the immense potential of harnessing naturally occurring energy sources. One such pivotal renewable source is…

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ThursdayJun 01, 2023 11:15 am

DGE’s 4th Aligning Drug Safety Functions & REMS Summit: A Groundbreaking Event for Patient Safety

Pharma, biotech, medical device, healthcare, and regulatory professionals are gathering for the 4th Aligning Drug Safety Functions & REMS Summit, taking place on August 29-30, 2023, at The Inn at Penn in Philadelphia, PA. Set to take place in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, the conference will delve into the latest insights and address the most critical challenges surrounding drug safety and REMS (Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategy). As the only event that brings together drug safety, pharmacovigilance, and risk management teams—no other conference provides as much detail and comprehensive insights into communication strategies among safety teams, prioritizing patient safety,…

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ThursdayJun 01, 2023 10:30 am

Internet Commerce Evolution in Spotlight at Web3 Berlin Conference, With Focus on NFT, Crypto, Development 

As the Internet becomes a worldwide driver of communication and culture, enthusiasts from diverse business and entertainment backgrounds continue working toward the Internet’s evolution into a content ownership, decentralized community known as Web3. The leadership team behind the inaugural Web3 Berlin (“W3B”) conference is determined to see it become Europe’s largest gathering of innovators in the Web3 ecosystem with gatherings on an annual basis. The two-day event will take place at Berlin’s Estrel Congress Center (“ECC”) on June 10-11, hosting hundreds of speakers and panelists, exhibitor spaces, networking opportunities and a variety of side events such as a gamer gathering,…

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ThursdayJun 01, 2023 9:45 am

5th Annual Blockchain Futurist Conference Guarantees a Crypto Experience Like No Other

This summer, Canada’s largest crypto, web3, and blockchain event – Blockchain Futurist Conference – returns to Rebel Entertainment and Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto, assembling more than 6,500 attendees and over 150 speakers. The unconventional venue will provide the perfect setting for a two-day one-of-a-kind crypto experience slated for August 15-16, 2023. The event will feature three stages, two floors of expo booths, crypto marketplaces, NFT galleries, blockchain bootcamps for beginners, networking events, and two developer hackathons: ETHToronto and ETHWomen. The Main Stage will host a curated list of top speakers who will deliver presentations and industry keynotes on the…

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ThursdayJun 01, 2023 9:00 am

Starco Brands, Inc. (STCB) Launches Lime Flavored Whipshots(TM) in “Whip It, Beaches” Campaign Featuring Cardi B

Starco Brands launches Lime Whipshots(TM) flavor in collaboration with Cardi B., kickstarts “Whip It, Beaches” campaign with teaser post earning nearly 2 million likes in one day Whipshots Lime is available now in-store and online on June 14 “Whip It, Beaches” features a 30-second video and series of images showcasing the product’s use in a variety of summer cocktails Whipshots is infused with 10% premium vodka, other flavors include vanilla, caramel, and mocha Over 2 million cans of Whipshots have been sold since 2021 launch Other Starco Brands offerings include the Art of Sport athletic body care line co-founded by…

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WednesdayMay 31, 2023 9:45 am

Climate Clock is Ticking: NRDC Sees Urgency for Clean Power Now to Hit Net Zero Emission Goal

The world’s top polluters are on a mission to limit climate change to “well below” 2 degrees C, but time is moving quickly to meet goals over the next three decades GeoSolar Technologies offers a comprehensive, integrated package that heats, cools, and powers a home with 100% renewable energy A SmartGreen(TM) home includes rooftop solar system, geothermal heating and cooling technology, CERV air filtration, upgraded insulation, electric heat pump, EV charging station, and more The goal is clear: limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees F). According to Climate Watch’s Net Zero Tracker, 91 countries, representing 95 countries…

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WednesdayMay 31, 2023 9:00 am

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) Finalizes DehydraTECH(TM)-CBD Batch Manufacturing for IND Filing This Summer and FDA Phase 1b Trial Commencement in October 2023

Lexaria just announced the completion of batch manufacturing of its patented DehydraTECH(TM)-processed CBD and placebo materials for its FDA Phase 1b HYPER-H23-1 human clinical study This is in line with the company’s IND filing with the FDA, which it looks to complete this summer, with potential authorization within 60 days FDA authorization will mark the commencement of Phase 1b trial patient dosing, with the study evaluating the safety and tolerability of DehydraTECH-CBD in hypertensive patients Filling into capsules of the manufactured DehydraTECH-CBD is expected to be completed before the end of this month, after which analytical release and stability testing…

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TuesdayMay 30, 2023 12:00 pm

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (NASDAQ: BVXV) Receives Buy Rating and $70 Target Price; Releases Q1 2023 and Business Update

Analysts at Aegis Capital Corp. continue to recommend shares of the company with a Buy rating and a $70 target price Data from pre-clinical trial indicate that BiondVax’s NanoAb may effectively serve as both a therapeutic and protective prophylactic drug, further enhancing its value proposition BVXV reiterated further NanoAb development beginning with NanoAbs targeting immune system cytokines such as IL-17 as drug candidates for the potential treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis BiondVax aims to optimize the use of assets and generate additional revenues by offering its drug development services and cGMP manufacturing capabilities to others BiondVax Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: BVXV),…

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