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SaturdayNov 25, 2006 9:16 am

StockGuru Blog: Immune Response Corporation – How Sweet it Is! Potential Additional Gross Proceeds of $12M

IMNR - The Immune Response Corporation StockGuru Profile IMNR The Immune Response Corporation announced that the Company’s Board of Directors extended the expiration date of the 600,000,000 second tranche warrants issued in connection with the Company’s 2006 Private Placement Offering to March 1, 2007. The second tranche warrants previously were set to expire November 30, 2006. If fully exercised, the second tranche warrants, which first became exercisable on October 16, 2006, could provide additional gross proceeds of $12,000,000 to The Immune Response Corporation. For further information contact: ROI Group Associates 39 Broadway; NY, NY 10006 212.495.0744 MDodge@roiny.com Source: Pharma Marketletter…

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FridayNov 24, 2006 9:15 am

StockGuru Blog: Rotoblock – Oscillating Piston Engine Not Just for Autos! Think airplanes, boats, and all terrain vehicles!

Rotoblock Corp. — ROTB Stock Guru Profile ROTB Promising relationship with Obvio! Rotoblock’s Oscillating Piston Engine is NOT JUST FOR AUTOS! The extension to own and market the Oscillating Piston Engine that Rotoblock has secured provides Rotoblock an opportunity to continue to perfect this engine which is made of four individual components that make repairs easy. The Oscillating Piston Engine can be modified for use in its small automobiles which are the most desired vehicle manufactured today. In additon this engine can be modified for use in, airplanes, boats and all terrain vehicles. Rotoblock Corporation’s Oscillating Piston Engine (Link here…

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FridayNov 24, 2006 9:08 am

StockGuru Blog: Patient Enrollment In MS Trials Set to Begin! Begin Your Review NOW! Don’t Wait

IMNR - The Immune Response Corporation StockGuru Profile IMNR The Immune Response Corporation Secures Key Partners for Launch of Phase II Trial of NeuroVax(TM) In Patients with Multiple Sclerosis 200 Patient Trial of Investigational Vaccine to Treat MS on Track to Initiate Patient Enrollment Before Year’s End The Immune Response Corporation has entered into an agreement with Accelsiors CRO & Consultancy Services, a clinical research organization (CRO) with extensive experience in conducting multiple sclerosis (MS) trials, to oversee the 200-patient Phase II trial of NeuroVax(TM), an investigational T-cell receptor (TCR) peptide vaccine for the treatment of MS. In November IMNR…

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FridayNov 24, 2006 9:08 am

StockGuru Blog: ALR Technologies Exclusive System — Great for Business; The Only Monitoring System Available for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD

ALRT — ALR Technologies, Inc. Stock Guru Profile ALR Technologies Inc. (ALRT - OTCBB) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease also called COPD, is a chronic lung disease that includes two main illnesses: chronic bronchitis and emphysema. ALRT has the only nebulizer monitoring system in the world. ALRT is directing its marketing efforts to this segment of the healthcare industry. One percent of the four million users of nebulizers would generate revenues of $19 million with a gross profit margin of approximately $14 million. Considerable focus is being placed on the respiratory market due to the large number of people suffering from…

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FridayNov 24, 2006 9:04 am

StockGuru Blog: Dragon International – Buys Pharmaceutical Herb Company

DRGG – Dragon International Group Corp. Stock Guru Profile DRGG Equity Stock Analysis Report on Dragon International Equity Stock Analysis addressed the tremendous importance of the growth of the pharmaceutical industry for Dragon International. COMPANY NEWS AND PRESS RELEASES FROM OTHER SOURCES: Dragon International Group to Acquire Hainan Jinguang Pharmaceutical Company, Limited Dragon International Group Corp. signed a letter of intent to acquire Hainan Jinguang Pharmaceutical Company, Limited (”Jinguang”), a distributor and manufacturer of Chinese herb medicines. Jinguang, located in the Hainan province of China and founded in 2002, is an innovative, technologically sophisticated enterprise, focused on traditional Chinese Li…

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WednesdayNov 22, 2006 9:08 am

StockGuru Blog: Global Diversified Industries Inc. – New Law Creates Opportunity for Modular Classrooms

GDVI - (OTCBB: GDVI) StockGuru Profile GDVI Global Diversified Industries, Inc. located in Chowchilla, California, is focused on the modular building industry with emphasis on the education market (http://www.gdvi.net), is pleased to report that the recent passage of Bond Measure Proposition 1D by California voters means an improvement bond of $10.4 billion will be used to upgrade facilities at the nearly 8,000 schools throughout the state. It is estimated that more than 6,500 new kindergarten through grade 12 classrooms will be built with the funds along with 3,000 new community college classrooms. The Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH), which…

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WednesdayNov 22, 2006 9:06 am

StockGuru Blog: Apolo Gold & Energy, Inc. — S&P Gold Outlook Positive

Apolo Gold & Energy, Inc. — APLL Stock Guru Profile APLL 10Q is out. Apolo Gold & Energy should have a good market for gold! Standard and Poor released their gold outlook on November 18, 2006, and IT’S POSITIVE! S&P predicts and increase in the gold prices in 2007 from 2006. S&P predicts higher sales and EPS for this sector in 2007 with a volume decline. This valuation is based upon a belief that: 1. Short-term interest rates in the U.S. will decline in 2007 from 2006 with a Fed easing; 2. Global gold production has been stagnant for the…

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WednesdayNov 22, 2006 8:59 am

StockGuru Morning Alerts for Wednesday, November 22, 2006 Featuring Open Energy, EFoodSafety.com, TRADEX Global Financial Services, Global Diversified Industries, The Immune Response Corporation, and Triangle Petroleum

Open Energy Corp. (OTCBB: OEGY) Open Energy Corp. (OTCBB: OEGY) - Tuesday’s shares went up 0.96% to $0.525. 321,846 shares were traded. Open Energy Corporation announced on November 13th that it signed a joint development agreement with Infinia Corporation to integrate its products into a revolutionary power generation system. Infinia’s free piston Stirling engines are currently used for aerospace and national security applications, where a high degree of reliability and long, maintenance-free service life is required. Operating without internal combustion, a Stirling engine utilizes high temperature differentials to drive a piston and produce electricity. The engineering teams at Infinia and…

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WednesdayNov 22, 2006 8:55 am

StockGuru Blog: eFoodSafety and Lyme Disease Research

eFoodSafety and Lyme Disease Research EFoodSafety.com, Inc (EFSF) eFoodSafety.com, Inc. in the Biotech Arena with Revolutionary Lyme Disease Product Bucks County Clinical Research, Inc., an FDA clinical facility, is conducting the testing of the Lyme disease product under the direction of David J. Miller, D.O., FAAP, Executive Director of BCCR, and Richard M. Goldfarb, M.D., FACS, Medical Director of Research & Development of BCCR, a Director of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., and President of MedElite, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. The protocol guidelines for patient enrollment criteria include patients who have known, laboratory documented Lyme disease and have undergone multiple…

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TuesdayNov 21, 2006 9:02 am

StockGuru Blog: eFoodSafety Patented Rights to Bird Flu Vaccine

EFSF - eFoodSafety.com Stock Guru Profile The board of directors determined that it was in the best interest of the shareholders to file for patent protection on Citroxin and Citroxin O2 rather than keep them as proprietary formulations. The timing of the filing in April 2006 was especially important since the presence of the bird flu virus appears to be imminent in the United States. The board of directors felt the safest way to protect the company’s formulations was through patent protection, thus also giving the company more latitude and security when discussing the products and their components with interested…

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