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FridaySep 30, 2022 2:50 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – QSAM Biosciences Inc. (QSAM) Working to Make a Difference in Underserved Patient Populations

QSAM Biosciences (OTCQB: QSAM) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing and bringing to market targeted therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and advancing the fight against cancer, including the underserved pediatric population. “With the overall incidence of childhood cancer on the rise, the work of QSAM is becoming increasingly important… According to Children’s Cancer Cause, in 2022, an estimated 10,470 children (from birth to 14 years) and 5,480 adolescents (aged 15 to 19 years) will be diagnosed with cancer. ‘It is estimated that there will be 13.7 million cases of childhood cancer between 2020-2050. Unless there are major improvements in diagnosis and…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 2:12 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – GeoSolar Technologies Inc. Insulating Building Owners with SmartGreen(R)

GeoSolar Technologies is a company dedicated to advancing technology that addresses issues such as vulnerability to price shocks, pollution due to the use of fossil fuel-driven energy systems, increased dependency on foreign powers, and geopolitical conflict while giving building owners energy dependency. “U.S. natural gas prices rose by nearly 50% in July, dashing any hopes consumers and businesses had for declining inflation. Some building owners, however, are largely insulated from the crisis by installing GeoSolar Technologies’ SmartGreen(R) residential and commercial energy systems that tap into the power of the sun and earth to dramatically lower or eliminate utility bills,” a…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 1:51 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Knightscope Inc. (NASDAQ: KSCP) Innovative Robot Roadshow Stops in Chicago

Knightscope (NASDAQ: KSCP), a developer of advanced physical security technologies focused on enhancing U.S. security operations, and its Robot Roadshow is scheduled for a three-day visit in Chicago. The creative marketing event is slated for Oct. 4–6, 2022. KSCP is strengthening its position as a public safety innovator through the Robot Roadshow, a creative marketing event designed to provide an experiential experience for those who attend. The company has been able to create direct connections with potential clients through the experience as well as increased awareness of its Knightscope’s crime-fighting Autonomous Security Robots (“ASRs”). The Chicago stop comes as the…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 1:30 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) Working to Expand Indications, Efficacy of DehydraTECH(TM)

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX), a global innovator in drug delivery platforms, recently received its 27th worldwide patent, granted in Mexico under registration #390001. “The patent applies to a range of active ingredients, including but not limited to non-psychoactive cannabinoids and NSAIDs in a wide variety of ready-to-drink consumer retail beverage products. The latest patent provides value to the company through its continued pursuit of gaining regulatory approval for its patented DehydraTECH(TM)-enabled cannabidiol (‘CBD’) for the treatment of hypertension in regulated pharmaceutical applications. This has produced the claims necessary for the Mexico patent to use DehydraTECH-processed non-psychoactive cannabinoids to treat…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 1:09 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – FuelPositive Corp. (TSX.V: NHHH) (OTCQB: NHHHF) Going Deep to Reduce Agriculture-Related Emissions

FuelPositive (TSX.V: NHHH) (OTCQB: NHHHF), a company focused on developing clean energy solutions, suggests that emission reductions can be realized by manufacturing green ammonia without the use of fossil fuels and injecting it deep into the ground. “FuelPositive’s flagship product, an on-site, containerized green ammonia production system, uses renewable electricity to synthesize hydrogen from water and nitrogen from the air before combining the molecules in a converter to form green ammonia. In this way, and given there are no carbon emissions related to production, FuelPositive is looking to reduce the carbon emissions linked to the agriculture sector’s use of ammonia,”…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 12:56 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – REZYFi Inc. Positioned as One of the First Cannabis Mortgage Bankers in the US

REZYFi is a cannabis mortgage bank servicing the needs of both traditional and non-traditional consumers and businesses. The company is targeting markets that include licensed and permitted cannabis companies, owners of real estate who lease to cannabis companies, and companies and individual homeowners seeking a variety of real estate-related first and additional mortgage-based and project-specific financings – like solar installations and real estate development. “The company is positioned as one of the first cannabis mortgage bankers in the United States, an arena where most traditional lenders remain reticent to serve state-licensed cannabis companies. To overcome many of the challenges that…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 12:48 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Friendable Inc.’s (FDBL) 360-Degree Platform Providing Indie Artists Opportunities to Find Footing in Music Industry

Friendable (OTC: FDBL) is a mobile technology and marketing company whose 360-degree artist platform offers a solution in the changing landscape of the music industry. “The 360-degree streaming artist platform is comprised of Fan Pass Live, Artist Republik and FeaturedX – providing artists with everything they need to produce, distribute and market their music without the contractual obligations placed on them by record labels. It provides opportunities for independent artists looking to find their footing in the industry and leverage the increase in streaming,” reads a recent article. “For artists, growth and other vital resources are locked behind walls of…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 12:00 pm

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT) Engages IBN for Corporate Communications Expertise

Freight Technologies (NASDAQ: FRGT) (“Fr8Tech”), which develops solutions to optimize and automate the supply chain process, today announced that it has selected the corporate communications expertise of IBN, a multifaceted financial news and publishing company for private and public entities. As part of the client partner relationship, IBN will work to generate greater awareness for Freight Technologies by leveraging its investor based distribution network of 5,000+ key syndication outlets, various newsletters, social media channels, wire services via InvestorWire, blogs and other outreach tools. “Thousands of legacy brokers, tens of thousands of shippers and hundreds of thousands of carriers still rely…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 11:15 am

Reklaim Ltd. (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF) the Premier Partner Amid Winds of Change to Protect Consumer Data

California’s Consumer Privacy Act, Privacy Rights Act, and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation represent a changing data market Reklaim is a leader in compliant data with a comprehensive platform that allows consumers to re-take control of their data and be compensated should they decide, it can be bought and sold Reklaim’s revenue jumped 277% year-over-year to $645,008 in Q2 as the company grows organically and explores accretive M&A opportunities In years gone by, not long ago, companies were quietly hoarding as much data as possible from consumers, then promptly selling it for the maximum amount with little to no concern…

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FridaySep 30, 2022 11:03 am

QualityStocksNewsBreaks – Silo Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: SILO) Secures $5.75M in Underwritten Public Offering

Silo Pharma (NASDAQ: SILO) (formerly OTCQB: SILO) is a developmental stage biopharmaceutical company focused on merging traditional therapeutics with psychedelic research. The company today announced the closing of its underwritten public offering of 1,150,000 shares of its common stock, which included the full exercise of the underwriters’ over-allotment option to purchase 150,000 additional shares of common stock, each at a public offering price of $5.00. Silo Pharma’s common stock began trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market on Sept. 27, 2022, under the symbol SILO. The company secured $5,750,000 million in gross proceeds from the offering, before deducting underwriting discounts and…

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