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TuesdayNov 25, 2014 10:11 am

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) CSO and Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY) CEO Are Co-Honorees of the Inaugural Security Industry Award

Ecrypt Technologies (OTCQB: ECRY) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Chief Security Officer, Mike Howard, accepted respective honors by the Security Industry Association (SIA) with the Jay Hauhn Excellence in Partnerships Award to recognize their contributions to the security industry. Mr. Cellucci commented, "I am honored by this award and pleased that the SIA recognizes the importance of building bridges and forming meaningful partnerships both among, and between, the public and private sectors. SIA members possess valuable security industry expertise and experience, while public sector organizations contribute to the development of detailed operational requirements to…

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MondayNov 24, 2014 6:24 pm

Cleartronic, Inc. (CLRI) – Linking People and Devices through Unified Communications Systems

Cleartronic creates and acquires operating subsidiaries in order to design, build and sell integrated systems, products and services to large domestic and global markets. The company also leverages intellectual property in order to create innovative, high-growth market applications that target business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies. Cleartronic offers an extraordinary way to communicate through VoiceInterop, its wholly-owned subsidiary and a premier provider of end-to-end, unified communications systems and solutions for enterprise environments. Through VoiceInterop, the company develops, creates, sells and installs unified group communication solutions for private and public entities. VoiceInterop has expertise as an application developer, system integrator, service provider and…

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MondayNov 24, 2014 6:19 pm

Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc. (OTHMD) Reports Filing Q3 Disclosures

At the closing bell today, Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., formally known as Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp., announced that it has filed Third Quarter Disclosures, following the merger/acquisition of E-Network de Costa Rica SA ("E-Net") and an initial capital restructuring in support of the merger/acquisition. Melvin Pereira, President and CEO of Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc. ("PURE"), commented, "Today's filing marks an important milestone for me. Not only was this third quarter disclosure my first filing as an executive of a public company, but it represents the beginning of a cultural shift; a change in how this Company will operate…

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MondayNov 24, 2014 2:01 pm

Well Power, Inc. (WPWR) – Taking on the Problems of Gas Flaring

Well Power is appealing to investors and other parties interested in learning more about its efforts to take on the problems of gas flaring, a pressing issue within the United States. Well Power’s managers continue to advance their business goals and spread the word about the flare-reducing technology they are developing in conjunction with ME Resources, a Canadian publicly-listed company. Years ago, Well Power gained an exclusive five-year license to distribute ME Resources’ mobile micro refinery unit (MRU) within the state of Texas. Since then, companies and individuals involved in oil and gas production and operations have been invited to…

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MondayNov 24, 2014 1:54 pm

Mobile Lads Corp. (MOBO) – Enabling Secure Wide-Area Communication Globally

Since 2013, Mobile Lads has steadily acquired technology and intellectual property assets to strengthen its position as a leading provider of wireless transaction software solutions and to facilitate wide-area communication on a global scale. Mobile Lads generates new process improvements and income by developing and delivering specialized, secure wide-area wireless transaction software solutions for customer-focused organizations. The company serves movie theatres, spa hotels, amusement parks, concerts, sports events, and other midsize businesses and, with a suite of patented, mobile authentication and payment products, provides streamlined, continuous access to time-sensitive information and data on multiple network standards. Mobile Lads' product offerings…

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MondayNov 24, 2014 10:09 am

Nhale Inc. (NHLE) in Acquisition Mode for Building Shareholder Value in Emerging Cannabis Space

Nhale will continue looking for acquisition targets in legalized marijuana states and currently is reviewing grow operations in the state of Washington, as acreage earmarked for growing could increase, the company's President and CEO Lance Williams said today. Washington State potentially could quadruple the amount of land for growing legal marijuana, as the state Liquor Control Board considers changes to its marijuana regulations associated with recreational use. One of these rules would expand the allowable land for legal marijuana to 8.5 million square feet. This figure represents an increase up from the 2 million square feet limit established when the…

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MondayNov 24, 2014 9:58 am

QualityStocks Interviews IFAN Financial, Inc. (IFAN) Chief Executive Officer

QualityStocks today announces that a new audio interview with IFAN Financial, Inc. (OTC: IFAN) President and Chief Executive Officer, J. Christopher Mizer, is now available. The interview can be heard at http://www.QualityStocks.net/interview-ifan.php. As Mizer explains in the interview, the mobile payments space is rapidly growing as consumers move toward new debit/credit card and online payment options. This growth creates the need for innovative payment technologies that safeguard consumer data, reduce costs, and provide ubiquitous convenience. IFAN and its two wholly owned subsidiaries, iPIN Technologies and Mobicash America, provide for these industry advantages. Mizer's extensive background in business and investments ultimately…

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FridayNov 21, 2014 6:06 pm

LD Micro Main Event: VII is Just around the Corner – Stay Tuned to DTN for Conference Coverage

More than 230 publicly traded companies are scheduled to follow-up the Thanksgiving holiday with presentations at the highly anticipated investor conference, LD Micro Main Event: VII. From December 2-4, companies from a wide breadth of industries will convene in Los Angeles to network and make connections with several hundred investors. For more than 12 years, LD Micro has helped micro-cap companies in traditional and emerging markets make a name for themselves in the investment community. The seventh annual Main Event conference agenda includes panel discussions, a keynote presentation by LD Micro founder Chris Lahiji, and an evening of cocktails to…

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FridayNov 21, 2014 5:49 pm

Technology Applications International Corp. (NUUU) Electron Beam Water Purification Technology Expansion Enabled By Core Anti-Aging Skin Care Business

Technology Applications International's (OTCQB: NUUU) core focus is in cutting-edge regenerative skin care products developed through their wholly-owned Rejuvel subsidiary. The company's top of the line skin care offerings in their REJUVEL line are based around exclusively licensed NASA-patented technologies, like a proprietary RWV bioreactor (rotating wall vessel) that is capable of performing three-dimensional cell culture, producing both plant and mammalian stem cell extracts. Such innovative products allow the company to tap into the sweet spot of a thriving global skin care market, which is on track to hit $121B by 2016, with advanced anti-aging crèmes that appeal to women…

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FridayNov 21, 2014 5:29 pm

One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO) Hits Exposure Home Run with Walmart Order

Ask any entrepreneurial organization or marketing director of an emerging company and they will tell you that the elephant in the room during every business meeting is named exposure. Put another way, many great products and services accompanied by stellar business plans become worthless less the exposure necessary to penetrate markets and drive sales. One might ask, how does a company gain exposure for its product on a national scale without breaking the bank? The Fox Network is asking $4 million for a thirty second Super Bowl spot in February but that may be just slightly out of reach given…

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